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Elevate Your Short Term Rental’s Appeal

We specialize in transforming short-term rentals into captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression. Our expert designs not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also unlock the potential for increased bookings and revenue. Discover a tailored approach that sets your rental apart, ensuring every guest experience is unforgettable. The key to maximizing your short-term rental's success.

Decor and
High-Quality Furniture & Fixtures
Functional & Stylish Kitchen Equipment
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Our Specialization

Creating Distinctive Spaces for Unforgettable Stays and Seamless Transitions

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Vacation Rentals

Angela Zottolo Designs specializes in turning vacation rentals into unforgettable spaces. Whether crafting from scratch or revitalizing existing properties, our one-of-a-kind designs guarantee your guests an experience of unparalleled comfort, luxury, and beauty. Create cherished memories with every stay.

Living room with fireplace and chairs.

Corporate Housing

When it comes to corporate housing, we understand the unique needs of professionals on the move. Our design solutions focus on sophistication and functionality, providing a welcoming and productive environment for your corporate clients. Our aim is to make their business stay exceptional, every time.

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Professional Relocation

Relocating can be challenging, but your new home doesn't have to be. Angela Zottolo Designs specializes in making transitions smooth and comforting. We create spaces that offer familiarity in the midst of change, helping professionals relocate with ease. Our designs turn every house into a true home.

Experience the Difference

Maximize Your Property's Potential

Regardless of your focus - Angela Zottolo Designs can increase your property's appeal, drawing more guests, longer stays, and higher returns.
Our expertise and attention to detail bring you a competitive edge in these dynamic markets.

At Angela Zottolo Designs, we're committed to unlocking the full potential of your rental property.

unique and appealing aesthetics can achieve up to 70% higher occupancy rates
40% more in nightly rates compared to poorly designed or standard listings

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Our Collaborative Design Journey

At Angela Zottolo Designs, we believe that distance should never stand in the way of your property's transformation. Whether you opt for our full design services, refresh services, or our e-design service, our collaborative process ensures your unique vision becomes a reality.
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Full Service Design

Ideal for those who need a complete turnkey service where all details are taken care of. With in-person assessments, comprehensive design plans, purchasing, project management, and final styling, your space will be ready for marketing photography and guest bookings at top dollar.

Woman is considering design elements for full service design

Refresh Design Services

Are you struggling to to make your existing short term rental property stand out from the competition? From making just a few tweaks to more of a makeover, our expert-led evolution will improve your property’s appeal and guest experience.

Woman is discussing design features in person.

E-Design Service

Ideal for those who would like a tailored design plan they can implement themselves. Once we assess your property we can save you time by providing a comprehensive design plan, furniture and decor shoppable links and guidance to transform your property successfully. This service can be done remotely.

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Angela is a talented interior designer who is a joy to work with. She helped me turn my spacious, but awkwardly laid out apartment into a comfortable, functional living space on a budget.

Anita R.

Angela did an amazing job transforming our very ordinary looking home, into an extraordinary one!

Daniele C.

Thanks for your home consultation today. I really appreciated your upbeat, non-judgmental attitude, professionalism and of course, interesting taste and great ideas.

Leena V.

Everyday I tell myself I LOVE my house.  I would never have believed what a difference it makes on your outlook and how one "feels".  We really enjoy our home and we are so glad that we gave it a face lift.  Thank you again for all the time you spent with us

Susan N.

Angela did a wonderful job in apartment 302.  It looks and feels bright and inviting with quality selections.  Thanks for such great professional work.

Kathleen M.

You work so well with people of all ages and you pull it all together so well.


Well, the living room looks terrific!  It is very rich looking, but warm too.  I will definitely spend sometime in this room now that it is so lavishly furnished.  Thank you.

Abe N.

Angela, this is what I like about you. You don't drop the ball on me, but keep me and the project moving.  Thanks a lot!

Heide H.

I sold the house in Vallejo!  We actually got an offer the day after it went on the market.  By the way, everyone who saw the house loved the furnishings and the arrangement.

Julie L.

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