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Angela Zottolo Designs embodies a mission centered on crafting personalized, timeless, and exquisite interiors. Rooted in values of dedication, creativity, and precision, our background in interior design and unwavering passion elevate each project. We transform spaces into memorable experiences and design stories that reflect your unique essence.

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Rooted in a profound 30-year journey within the design industry, Angela Zottolo has extensive experience and a vast understanding of the multi-faceted realm of interior design. With 18 years at the helm of her own business in San Francisco, CA, Angela's unwavering dedication and expertise have crafted timeless, exquisite interiors. From childhood, her twin passions for interior design and travel have shaped her unique perspective. As a certified short-term rental stylist, Angela channels her vast experience and love for design to transform spaces into captivating, guest-ready retreats.

Her goal remains unwavering: surpassing expectations and creating design stories that echo the unique essence of each client. Angela's illustrious career embodies a rich tapestry of creativity, precision, and a lifelong commitment to the art of design.

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Certificate Spotlight:
Short Term
Rental Stylist

Elevating Angela Zottolo Designs to a superior level, Angela is a proud holder of the "Vacation Rental Design Expert" certification accredited by Home Staging Resource. This prestigious credential signifies a commitment to excellence in the field of short-term rentals. Rigorous training, expert insights, and a tailored curriculum empower Angela to bring unparalleled expertise to each project.

Impressively, this certification ensures that every design decision is strategically aligned to maximize property appeal, guest satisfaction, and return on investment. With Angela's certified touch, your space receives the gold standard in short-term rental styling.

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Angela did an amazing job transforming our very ordinary looking home, into an extraordinary one!

Daniele C.

Thanks for your home consultation today. I really appreciated your upbeat, non-judgmental attitude, professionalism and of course, interesting taste and great ideas.

Leena V.

Everyday I tell myself I LOVE my house.  I would never have believed what a difference it makes on your outlook and how one "feels".  We really enjoy our home and we are so glad that we gave it a face lift.  Thank you again for all the time you spent with us

Susan N.

Angela is a talented interior designer who is a joy to work with.  She helped me turn my spacious, but awkwardly laid out apartment into a comfortable, functional living space on a budget.  I knew how I wanted it to be, but didn't know how to get there.  Angela helped me get there...

Anita R.

You work so well with people of all ages and you pull it all together so well

Susan N.

Well, the living room looks terrific!  It is very rich looking, but warm too.  I will definitely spend som time in this room now that it is so lavishly furnished.  Thank you

Abe N.

Angela, this is what I like about you. You don't drop the ball on me, but keep me and the project moving.  Thanks a lot!

Heide H.

I sold the house in Vallejo!  We actually got an offer the day after it went on the market.  By the way, everyone who saw the house loved the furnishings and the arrangement.

Julie L.

Angela did a wonderful job in apartment 302.  It looks and feels bright and inviting with quality selections.  Thanks for such great professional work.

Kathleen M.

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